Websites Operation

Our bird group websites are Wikidot Pro sites sponsored by Wilmslow Guild. It may be of help future operators of this website if I define the following:-


Webmaster is normally be the person who developed the website and would be the person to go to when problems occur – but please read on.

Within the Wilmslow Guild things are a little different. The “owner” of the various websites under the Guild umbrella is called the Master Administrator, identified as wgsys admin. This role is currently filled by a volunteer who has trained various people in the use of the Wikidot system and has appointed Website Administrators for the various websites. He is responsible for the Wilmslow Guild Website.

Website Administrator.

The Website Administrator effectively fulfils the role of Webmaster in all but name being responsible for all aspects of the structure, content, back-up and training associated with the website and monitoring of audience interest.

WGBW Website Administrator.

Wikidot User Name Gruffalump currently is solely responsible for running this website, ensuring that Wikidot terms and conditions are met and protecting the reputation of our Wilmslow Guild sponsors.

We achieve that protection by operating two websites:-

Private Development (Copy) website. This is where I try out different website structures and test out ideas for new content prior to inclusion in the Public website. It provides a back-up for the structure and content of the Public website. Members of this website provide support in this task.

Public Website. With the exception of postings and replies in Forum, nothing gets into this website unless it has first appeared in the Development website. This situation is achieved by having one member only – currently Gruffalump.

Websites Content.

It should be noted that the Public website operates as a separate entity in support of the Birdwatching Group. To this end six members of the Bird Group committee are currently members of this website. Two contribute to the routine content (Meeting and Field Trip programmes plus Newsletter). As from 1st July 2012 the Newsletter Editor also provides liaison between the committee and the website.

Visitors to the Public website extend way beyond the BG membership and their depth of interest in terms of content viewed and time on the website is very encouraging. Accordingly the main focus of the Website Administrator is on the wider audience. Ideas to meet some of the interests which are expressed in keywords and phrases used by people visiting the website are being developed.