Forum is a feature of Wikidot sites which enables discussion to take place via posts and replies. I introduced it first in our Bird Group website. The response was encouraging so I have continued to make it available here.

The way in which Forum is structured in Wikidot does not allow posts or replies to be moved into other websites which have the Forum facility. Similarly if the site is cloned to form a new website the content is not carried forward.

The earlier posts and replies are valuable both in terms of showing what we are trying to achieve in Forum but also in stimulating further discussions which people may wish to continue. Accordingly I have copied selected posts and replies which can be accessed by clicking on Early Forum Postings.

How is Forum structured?

For this process to run successfully and not be a jungle of ideas we need to be able to group your posts into a series of categories which can be handled in a structured manner.

Forum groups your " posts " in various ways:-

  • All Categories.
  • Members Interests:Your Posts.
  • Site Feedback: Feedback.
  • Members Input: Identification.
  • Members Input: Places.
  • Members Input: Recording.
  • Members Input: Bird Study.

To see the results click on Forum on the green bar and select Recent Posts from the drop-down menu. Click on the arrow next to All Categories to reveal the other options, select the one you want and then click on update.


Forum is run in the Private Development Copy of the website by a small team drawn from our membership. Adding your thoughts, comments, questions, requests for help (on birding matters) etc is easy, direct and immediate. What response your input receives depends on which members are on line, when they see your input, if they wish to comment or reply etc. The Website Administrator will monitor comments and questions and will attempt to progress answers to points which don't seem to be covered. Periodically the live site will be updated so that you can see your input along with the views of others.