Bird Study

In accord with the aims of these websites I present some of my thoughts about the study and understanding of birds to help me to clarify my ideas and hopefully attract thoughts and comments from others. Bird study is the topic which has received the most interest in the form of posts and replies in the Forum module of my Wilmslow Birders websites and is now being developed further. To make a posting on this topic please click on Bird Study - Posting.

The scientific study and understanding of birds is the province of people like ornithologists and geneticists. The level of detail involved, inevitably and understandably, means that they develop their own vocabulary and terminology which can be difficult for the layman to understand. Nevertheless for the “birder” who wants to know more about the evolution of birds and their behaviour there is a need to have a “broad-brush” understanding of some of the detail in a way which does not involve the constant looking-up of words to see what they mean.

My aim therefore, is to present some of the scientific detail in a way which is understandable to the average birder. I have started with some general thoughts about the biology and genetics of birds:-

  • Genes, Evolution and the Environment - Genotypes and Phenotypes.
  • Species and Speciation.