Aims and Responsibilities

As originator of these websites my aim is that visitors should find the websites provide a welcoming, friendly experience which encourages them to explore and even participate. They should find the content interesting and stimulating, presented in a light-hearted but clear and informative manner. If you are a participant please bear these points in mind and help me to achieve this.

In my role as Website Administrator I am responsible for ensuring that the content meets the requirements of our Wikidot hosts. Clearly it is our own interests to avoid any content of an abusive nature and to ensure that any input we take from another source does not breach copyright laws.

So what is the role of these websites ?

A great many birding websites already exist so, as a relative newcomer in the field, we need to think about where we want to position ourselves. The aim to have a relaxed, low key approach to helping people to understand birds and their behaviour without a need for a detailed understanding of ornithology. We don't do erudite expositions - we leave that to others who are probably better qualified. We aim to improve peoples' understanding in a "chatty, light-hearted", but not too serious way.

  • We aim to provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for new birders, remembering that we all had to start somewhere. We should not be afraid to provide some of the simple guidance which some bird groups might take for granted.
  • A key element is the provision of a simple and easy way for members and others to communicate with us. We need to know what people‚Äôs interests are and what questions they might have. The postings, replies and general discussion which we hope to encourage in the Forum element will tell us where we should provide further information and support for people who use the website.
  • We note that ornithology is one of the few scientific disciplines where amateurs have contributed greatly. Accordingly we seek to provide some of the essential information about birds in a manner suited to the layman.