My interest in birds has developed in a number of different but specific directions and I have found it useful to present my ideas in separate but linked websites.

The common purpose which the various websites share is to talk about birds using language which is easily understood. You don’t need to be an ornithologist to contribute to the study and understanding of birds. You just need to be observant, have an enquiring mind and be willing to share and discuss your thoughts and views with others. Specifically I want to:-

  • Stimulate and develop discussion about birds and birding with like-minded people.
  • Achieve an understanding of birds and their behaviour from characteristics which can be observed by the layperson.
  • De-mystify some of the ornithological terms which many birders find hard to pronounce let alone understand.

If you want to know more and think you might like to participate please click on Aims and responsibilities.

I also use this website to develop my thoughts and ideas about birds and birding. The two modules "Bird Study" and "Ancestral Birds" currently contain content which I may use later in one of my websites. Meanwhile comments in Site Feedback are welcome.

The Websites.

GRUFFALUMP'S BIRDS - http://bbsi.wikidot.com
An overview of the aims, content and structure of the websites
Development of ideas for new content
AWARENESS AND TRAINING WEBSITE - http://bbdg.wikidot.com
Private website to introduce new users to Wikidot facilities
Can only be viewed by current members
Comments / Discussion module for one to one communication
Tailored to suit members interests - currently - Bird Photography
WILMSLOW BIRDERS -1 - http://wgbwcopy.wikidot.com WILMSLOW BIRDERS - 2 - http://wgbw.wikidot.com
Do you have a general interest in Birds and Birding ? Covers some wider aspects of Birds and Birding
This may be the website for you - anyone can view The website for those with a deeper interest
Mainly but not exclusively birds of the UK Articles and Features developed from Posts & Replies
Promoting Wilmslow Guild Birdwatching group See an A to Z index of Articles, Features and Reviews
Programme of activities,Trip Reports, Newsletters Did you see? Highlights new content
Forum for Posts & Replies - email address or Wikidot User Name Forum access via email address or Wikidot User Name
Want your own pages for text and photographs ?- Available here Want to participate in Features and Reviews ?
Participants & in depth visitors from 25 countries Participants & in depth visitors from 12 countries mainly UK & US
GROUP BIRDS BY HABITATS & NICHES - http://bomy.wikidot.com GROUP BIRDS BY COMMON NAME GROUPS - http://baob.wikidot.com
An alternative way of grouping birds Promotes the use of IOC English Names
Focuses on observation of Habitats and Behaviour Reviews of selected bird groups
In depth visitors currently from 27 countries In depth visitors currently from 41 countries

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You can communicate directly with the Webmaster, Gruffalump, by sending an email to moc.liamg|kcinbahwob#moc.liamg|kcinbahwob.

Level and depth of interest.

The four main websites, Common Name Groups, Habitats and Niches and the two Wilmslow Birders websites all receive regular and significant interest during each month. On the basis of people visiting, pages viewed and longest time per page the main topics viewed in depth over the last three months are:-

Common Name Groups Habitats and Niches Wilmslow Birders 1 Wilmslow Birders 2
Birds of prey Aerial habitats Nelson's Page Birding Places
Herons, Egrets, Bitterns Finch-like birds Liz's Page Kingfisher
Early Birds Plant Eaters Sandpipers Page True Finches
Sea and Ocean Birds Aquatic habitats Gruffalump's Page Wheatears feature
Chats and Robins Terrestrial habitats Forum posts and replies Night Herons feature
Inland Water Birds Woodland and forest birds Field Trip reports 30 topics viewed in depth
Marsh and Reed-bed Birds 36 topics viewed in depth 75 topics viewed in depth
40 topics viewed in depth